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Image by Michal Czyz

„I contacted Wojciech because I was desperate to lose some weight before going for my dream holiday. Actually, I knew exactly how much I wanted to lose. I just had no idea how to do it, after I had failed with a few diets before. In the first session, Wojciech helped me identify a few key emotional issues and foods I craved most. We tapped on some past life events, which helped, but then Wojciech asked me to bring my favourite crisps to the next meeting. At that stage I was quite sceptical, as I was unable to imagine my life without them. And half an hour into next session, I suddenly realised they smelled revolting, and I couldn’t stand the thought of eating them anymore. It felt nothing short of miracle. After a few more weeks, I actually lost more weight than initially planned. And I have never touched those horrible crisps again”.


"Wojciech is a truly inspirational therapist. He has a wonderful and natural way of asking the right questions at the right time, leading to that all important ‘eureka’ moment which opens my eyes to different and constructive ways of thinking…and leads me to make positive and conscious choices in my life.  I always came away from my sessions feeling so much more energised however tired I was feeling, and I can honestly say he has changed the way that I approach the most important things in my life.  Our sessions were totally invaluable and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to transform any aspect of their life."

Takako Elliott

„I started EFT tapping therapy to help with a chocolate craving. I know it sounds a bit crazy but I would have to eat the full bar of chocolate, the biggest one could buy which would feed a family of four!! Yep they were big bars! This started to affect my weight and my poor skin that even a good beautician couldn’t help with. This made me feel miserable. 

And then, I was encouraged to contact Dr Wojciech Gierynski. I thought my friend was bonkers but I said I would as I had nothing to lose? I did feel a little embarrassed to tell Wojciech want I wanted to work on. I always thought therapy was for people who needed help with trauma, anxiety, and mental health problems. How wrong I was! After a few sessions I started to think less and less about chocolate. I would go shopping and not realise I had walked straight by the chocolate aisle, which in its self is pretty hard being a menopausal women. At the end of my therapy I no longer thought about chocolate nor did I craved it anymore. My weight went down and my skin looked fantastic. The therapy worked for me which I’ve got to say I was very sceptical about. 

I now know that everyone has their own issues however big or small and Wojciech is the man to help. All I can say is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It will change the way you live and your way of thinking. I absolutely loved my sessions! Wojciech is so kind and caring, as well as having a fantastic sense of humour. Thank you so much”.


„From years of being “stuck” not understanding why I lacked motivation to change to being coached by Wojciech.  I only wish I had known about him years before.  Many years have been wasted but now with a great therapist and “teacher”, somebody that really took me back and understood what I wanted to change, why I wanted to change and breaking down what was stopping me being motivated to change.  I am now doing more than I wanted to do, more than I had set myself as goals and loving life.  This guy really is my hero and is completely amazing.  I thank you Wojciech from the bottom of my heart. Loving my new life living with energy. Thank you Wojciech.”

Energetically, Michelle

Therapy Session

„I contacted Wojciech to help with my claustrophobia. On reflection, I have to admit that I did it last minute – only a few days before my MRI scan, which I tried before and could not manage due to panic attacks. Even thinking about going into the machine made me  almost pass out. But Wojciech suggested using EFT, which we did before for my other health problems. It took only two sessions over one week (there was no more time to my appointment) and… I did it – with confusion instead of panic – I was confused and could not understand why I was not panicking but I wasn’t. It was like a miracle. Thank you, Wojciech.”


„I am a member of the Sequoia Therapeutic Community. We had a session on EFT tapping presented by Dr Gierynski which included a live demonstration. I volunteered to be the subject even though I was not convinced at all, in fact I was positively cynical. I did however, select a subject matter that had dominated my life quite profoundly just in case it did work. My issue was my deep and dangerous phobia of wasps which had limited my life massively for nearly 50 years.

So the tapping began and Dr Gierynski went through the tapping points asking me to copy his actions and to repeat his words. Despite feeling quite embarrassed initially, I was soon totally involved in the proceeding. It lasted about 15 minutes and the anxiety of just thinking of wasps was gone. I honestly thought it was a fluke and that as soon as I got on with the day it would be back. Later that day, I went outside for a smoke. Within a few minutes I not only saw a wasp, but it landed on one of the other member’s hand. I watched dispassionately, unmoved, unafraid. I was astounded by my reaction but again refused to believe this 50 year trauma could be ended in a 15 minute tapping session, it would surely return in a day or two. 

That was 18 months ago, without any refresher, this phobia has not returned – wasps no longer rule my life, last summer I even drank a can of coke outdoors. So from the cynic to a believer, I would wholeheartedly recommend tapping, its extraordinary, and I don’t understand how it works, nor do I care. All I know is it worked for me.”

Debbie Jones

„Owing to EFT tapping my stress, anxiety, tension and embarrassment caused by trauma triggered over 30 years ago have reduced massively. It was essential that during that work I felt able to trust, open up and felt safe with Wojciech and I could do the work step by step feeling accepted, heard and understood. Wojciech never judged or censored my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to explore my issue in my own pace. Together, we managed to open up the long closed doors, which used to hide some awkward behaviours and emotions. 

Initially, I was very tense, uptight and cried a lot, but gradually I relaxed and felt much braver. When together we agreed that I was ready to face the situation that triggered my trauma over 30 years ago, I approached it – and to my surprise I felt stress-less, composed, very aware and my body and mind were calm like a water surface on a sunny day.

Throughout the whole work, Wojciech was very engaged, helpful and supportive, cheering me up and believing in me (more that I have ever done myself). Thank you, Wojciech.”

Agnieszka Nazarska

„Working with Wojciech was a joy. I found him very insightful and encouraging as we worked towards my goals.  He brings a great balance of supportive listening and challenging his clients to each meeting.”


„To awaken with a positive perception on my day ahead was a revelation! The coherent emotional connection was uncanny, "as if he were there" guiding, comforting and travelling my emotional journey! To be gifted the enlightenment of self-strength and the art of a level mind. I can only thank Wojciech and EFT tapping for the limitless world I live now and on, I am a sincere advocate of this wonderful man's vocational care... A master.”


„I work with Wojciech and have always enjoyed our informal chats due to his positive approach and his sense of humour. Once I mentioned to him about my fear of flying. Wojciech suggested trying tapping therapy (EFT) and I took two sessions with him. So, the time to fly came and whilst on the plane I was waiting to start having the worrying negative thoughts, muscle tension and apprehension which I was used to, but these didn’t happen. And to my surprise these didn’t return during my future times I went on the plane. So, I can’t thank Wojciech enough for helping me getting over my fear of flying and making my life happier!”       


„It’s hard to put in words what happened in my sessions with Wojciech. I did not know much about coaching when my friend recommended him to me and I took the risk. And then we talked… or, I should rather say, I did most of the talking, and he listened. But his questions and his random comments made me think differently. I mean, completely differently. And then the way I was seeing my life and myself changed dramatically. And everything started to make sense. I can’t express how much my life has changed. And I feel so grateful to him. Thank you!”

Sam Goldsmith

„Wojciech is an exceptional coach and therapist. His ability to connect made all the difference. It allowed me to open up fully, and think about solutions I had never thought about before. And, what is probably even more important, he is also a funny and friendly person.”

James Arnold

„Wojciech is like a Sherpa holding your life on a climbing rope; like a breathing machine supporting your breath when you struggle breathing on your own; like your conscience, never tricked by fears or your own defences; like the ‘emergency call centre’ waiting for you to call; like a true friend whom you might have never met.”

Ed Trapp

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